23 April 2014

Winners of Guardian Japan BeautiScience Products Giveaway Contest

Have you taken part in the recent Guardian Japan BeautiScience Products Giveaway Contest?

Drum Rolls.....Here are the winners:

• 1 X First Prize: 1 Guardian Japan BeautiScience Deep Sea Squalene and Black Vinegar & Ume (Big Bottle)

Winner: Tan Mei An

• 1  X Second Prize: 1 Guardian Japan BeautiScience Vitamin C 1000 and Black Vinegar & Ume (Big Bottle)

Winner: Cherry Alyara Tan

• 1 X Third Prize: 1 Guardian Japan BeautiScience Multi Vitamins & Minerals and Black Vinegar & & Ume (Small Bottle)

Winner: Kitty Phuah

Congrats to all the winners and I will be contacting you soon via email.

Lastly, please continue to support my blog as there will be giveaways every now and then.

Drink BRAND’S Essence of Chicken regularly and stay on top of your game this football season!

It’s the football season once again. During these 2 months, simply take off with BRAND’S chicken of essence with your favourite English Club.

More about the Kick Off & Take off with BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken Promotion


Simply sms the SMS the unique code to: 9010 2322 using these instructions:
Brands<space>8-digit unique code<space>email address<space>NRIC No.<space>Name

If you do not have an email address, please enter abc@gmail.com.

For example: Brands AC123456 abc@gmail.com S1234567A Amy Tan

To increase your chances of winning, enter multiple times!

1 x for 1 chance
2 x for 4 chances
6 x for 36 chances
14 x for 196 chances

By the way, I have received 2 media kits from Brand’s. Let’s us take a look at the items in these boxes, one “for him” and one “for her”.

Inside the “for him” box, there is:

4 BAND’Ss Chicken Essence
1 BRAND’S Sesamin with Schisandra Extract

1 Box of Face Paint
2 Whistles

A stack of questions & answers Cards

Since I have reviewed BRAND'S Chicken Essence before, I will only be mentioning about BRAND’S Sesamin with Schisandra Extract in this post.  

I have seen this product recommended during a Taiwanese show and I heard it is particularly effective for people who like to stay up late. Basically, it can protect the liver.

At that time, I am searching high and low at Watsons, Guardians and NTUC Pharmacy but sadly, I can only purchase it online. Therefore, I am quite happy to find this product inside the media box.

As for the “for her” box, there is:

4 BAND’Ss Chicken Essence
BRAND’S Innershine RubyCollagen

1 pair of Ears’ Plug
Sleeping Mask
1 Natural Seed Diffuser

Wow a diffuser. Exactly what I need to relax from the stress of football mania. Refer to my blog post for the review of  BRAND'S Innershine RubyCollagen

Lastly, please remember to like BRAND’S Website: http://www.brandsworld.com.sg/ and FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/BrandsSG for more Promotions and Products Updates.

21 April 2014

Why I love being a Blogger

We all know the perks of being a blogger: Exclusive Events to attend, New Products to review, even Staycations to experience.

Surely these are the rewards of being a blogger and I shall not elaborate on these benefits. What I will like to do is to share a story about a lady who is filled with passion and determination.

When she is young, this little girl is being laughed at by her classmates. They always call her pig as she is fat. Well, not exactly as she is just a bit on the plump side. Unlike her attractive female classmates, she feels inferior as she is not as beautiful as the other girls in her class.

But, she always like to read magazines as she can get to find out about the latest trend in beauty as well as fashion.

When she grows up, she likes to read about reviews in forums.One of her friends starts a blog and she follows because she thinks that reviewing products can be so much fun. But, she has many challenges to overcome-her written English is not good, her photography skill is mediocre and her makeup skill sucks.

She is using simple English, to blog-often just 1 sentence after each photo
She does not know to take good quality photo
She does not look photogenic in photo
A lot of friends commented that she has to improve on the design of her blog.

She puts all her heart into blogging. Since her English is not good, she has to spend a lot of time drafting out the blog posts. She starts to lose weight, so that she will look more photogenic in photo.

Being a shy girl, she learns how to communicate with the Companies and Public Relations. Throughout the 3.5 years, she has made a lot of changes to her blog. And, all these changes has made her more confident in terms of writing, communicating and relating with the others. Yes and this lady is none other than me.

Why do I love blogging? Well, It’s all about sharing. I love being a blogger because I can share my views about the new products with my readers. And, I can be Santa Clause as I can organize a lot of giveaways on my blog. Just recently, one of my Facebook fans has won an ipad Mini. Congrats to her, Ying Xue.

Not forgetting that I can also share the latest promotions about products and services with my Fans. In reality, it has also opened up a whole lot of new opportunities for me as I get to know more bloggers, fans as well as people from the social media sector.

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